My  Vegan Lifestyle

Coming from an Indian background, I  was brought up as 90-100% vegetarian. This is quite normal for Indians who follow the Hindu religion. 

 I educated myself about plant-based  food and where and  how will I get all my nutrients from -  Now I am a vegan.

So Why It Is Benefical To Go Vegan?

We humans are a diverse bunch. We all have our own reasons why we decide to take the step to change our lifestyle. You can ask 10 different individuals as why they decided to go vegetarian or vegan and you may hear 10 different stories. However one common reason you will hear that anyone who makes changes to their lifestyle is firstly  to make a positive impact on their health and secondly the health of our planet. The reason I have chosen to eat only plant-based food is to care for my health and wellness plus I also belief that food is our medicine.

What Is Your Perception About Plant-based food?

Many people's perception about eating only plant-based food is that we can’t be healthy just by eating fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lugumes.

 It is all about education and finding out what the richness of each plant-based food.  You will find out that there are uncountable plant-based produce high in  protein, vitamins, minerals, good fats, carbohydrates and fibre. Of course plant-based products is naturally low in calcium, vitamin D, iron, vitamin B12, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. However with a proper knowledge of a variety of plant-based ingredients, you will find out that there are foods high in the nutrients you are concerned about.  For Example: Hummus. This dish  is a good source of calcium, zinc and iron.  Other favourites are Tofu and Yeast flakes which  high in vitamin B12. Walnuts, soy foods, pumpkin seeds is high in omega-3 fatty acids. I absolutely love mushrooms which is high in  Vitamin D.

People think plant-based food is expensive. It is  very affordable and readily available. Think Local - Buy Local - Eat Local.   People also think plant-based food is  not tasty.  Once you educate yourself about variety of plant-based foods and  learn the nutrition information,  You will come up with inventive ways of cooking with a variety of crops . Plus to make food super delicious, there are lots of spices and  herbs to choice from.  With knowledge, experience, trial and error , you will be creating amazing, mouth-watching, balanced, nourishing and appetizing dishes in no time. 

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