Relax Everyday.

In our modern world, we want to get away to  relax, However, the villagers relax everyday.   Relaxation is daily practise to revive, enriche and energize. 

  •  Finding The Magic Within.

A guided session for participates to find the magic within.  This practical, simple and easy relaxation, meditation and mindfulness session will provide variety of tips and ideas for participants as how to relax everyday. 

  • Create & Play To Relax

This session is a follow-up from Finding the magic within.
During this session, participants will be  involved in colourful activities. 
By the end of the session, participants will l feel  uplifted,  refreshed and very relaxed.

  •  Self- Massage 

This session shares how to give yourself an energizing massage. 
Learn  how to make nourishing massage oil.
How to give your loved ones massages.

  • Further information and bookings <Email>
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