Ian's Testimonial 

Me reaching a top of 103Kgs before Total Body Nourishment Cook & Eat

Now I really  have lost over 10Kgs..Just by EATING ...Not exercising!! I feel so much better than 12 weeks ago.

I would like to take a moment to tell you about my past six months.
I met Roushini at a friends house were she was cooking up a birthday meal, well I have to tell you the smells coming out of the kitchen had me drifting that way very early on in the party. I found Roushini with her hands in the mixing bowl and a big smile on her face.  It wasn’t long before we got talking FOOD and  EATING. 
When Roushini served each course..All the food tasted better than it smelled and to my shock it was completely VEGAN, Yes that’s right no animal produce in it at all.

Now I love my burgers and my pies so I am not easily swayed to eating things without meat However Roushini persuaded me to give it a go. so we set a date for her to come and show me how to cook this food that was so tasty and easy to do. 
Well  within just as little time as  two  hours we had cooked a whole weeks worth of food, portion packed it and shoved it in the fridge.  That first week I also decided to lay off the Coke,  other soft fizzy drinks and try to cut out all my sugar and to my surprise unlike other times I found it rather easy....

I don’t know if it was the kick in the butt Roushini gave me or the amazing tasting food was enough to stop me and stay off  the “Rubbish” I used to eat all week. I only had a couple of cokes on the weekend with my burger, yes I know but remember I love burgers...besides Roushini said ..What she is sharing with me “This  not a DIET..You gotta Love the food you eat.”
The next week we cooked again and this time we made some pies, I put some chicken in this time as I thought I would miss my meat, you know what.. it didn’t make any difference to me if I had it or not. Now I am not saying I will never eat meat again and I wouldn’t try to tell people to stop as I can't imagine a burger without any meat..or maybe I can..this is something Roushini needs to show me how..just like the pies and of course that vegan spinach fetta sausage roll.. 
What I am saying is I don’t feel the need to eat meat as much as I once did.
All the ingredients, especially the herbs and spices that Roushini showed me how to prepare from scratch is packed with flavours and is so tasty. 
Once I understood what spices to use and how much, I started cooking amazing tasty meals in no time. Did I mention I love Pies and also curries..well now I make it all VEGAN
Well six months on and I still cook my weeks worth of food in one go and my favourite pies for smoko at work. My appetite is a whole lot smaller than it was. I can’t eat a whole pizza anymore although I have tried once or twice. 

Me reaching a top of 103Kgs before I met Roushini.. now I really  have lost over 10Kgs..Just by EATING ...Not exercising!! I feel so much better than I did six months ago.  I don’t fall asleep on the couch anymore.
My last six months have been a breeze, NO CRAVINGS..I can still eat my  chocolate..especially love the chill chocolate Roushini introduced.  I still have a coke..if I wanted..I haven’t deprived myself of anything at all.  I have watched the WEIGHT JUST DROP OFF ME - sometimes by two kilos a week other by just a little but non the less a drop almost very time I step on the scales.
So you see it is easy and simple, oh and should I say my weekly food bill has dropped by over $100, yes that’s right a huge gain to the wallet. Now I am getting to  understand what Roushini means when she says “LOVE FOOD” - Stop Dieting Start Eating.
Ian Thorne – A Reformed Food Lover