About Sadhna

About Sadhna - Laughter Yoga Presenter.

I believe in Holistic, Person-Centred Approach and Strength Base Principles.

I am renowned to have the loudest and contagious laughter. Sometimes things happen in our lives that take our laughter away. I have first hand life experience of living with a chronic condition which has affected my physical and mental and social wellbeing.

I have complemented my healing by embracing holistic and therapeutical techniques to manage my wellness and I have re learnt how to laugh again through difficult times.

I have used my knowledge to work on my strengths and focus on my abilities to make a positive difference in self and others.

I am passionate about spreading the laughter and supporting people to enhance their general wellbeing by bringing back laughter and wellness in their lives by using tools for holistic healing. 

Sadhna's  Qualifications and Experiences.

    •    16 years professional experience which includes working in 
    •     Human Services Sector
    •    Education and Training
    •    Teaching, Workplace Training
    •    Coordination
    •    Project and Event Management
    •    Lifestyle coach 
    •    Working with Children
    •    Events Manager/co-ordinator.
    •    Working with People from Multicultural Background and Workshop Facilitation
    •    Currently, I have also published a children’s book “I AM A STAR”

Degrees in Human Services, 

Diploma in Project management, 
Certificate IV in TAE, 
Diploma in Child Care and Education, 
Facilitator - Working with Culturally and Linguistically Background People;