About Roushini.

Coming from a rural village and straight into living a  modern, fast paced and busy lifestyle has been a fantastic experience however over the years, I have encountered  a number challenges that has affected my health & wellness.

Visiting my family and spending time with them in the village made me  realise how complicated my life has become and how I have lost the art of  living simple life.

 In my village, I re-connected with simple,  practical and more purpose  life. 

Now I turn on the happy Bollywood tune and get into cooking.  Whenever I sit down, I like to self- massage my body. I organise events at my place and invite all my friends and family so we can share food and enjoy each others company like my village family, All these simple things are rewarding to my health and wellness. 

Roushini's  Qualifications and Experiences.

Professional Development & Team Building Presenter.
Vegetarian & Vegan Cook & Eat workshop presenter. 
Bollywood & Indian Feista Events Organiser.
Holi (Festival of colours) Organiser.
Diwali (Festival of lights) Organiser.