About Me

Our body is not indestructible. There is only so far we can push it before it starts to fail. I should know it. For 28 years, I have overloaded my body with  full time work, studying  and as a sole parent, raising two children.

Having high expectation on my body, has made me unhealthy and unwell. Despite suffering from extreme exhaustion, fatigue, being over-weight with constant worry and stress, I kept pushing my body to do what needed to be done.

Well..10 years ago, when my children were old enough to look after themselves, I  wanted to re-connect with my body.  I  studied, researched and experimented with number of ways to feel healthy and happy from inside out.

I started to make the connection that  "When my Mind and my Heart is not in sync, no matter how Healthy I ate  and exercised, It didn't  provide the long term benefits to my  body."

 How our MIND THINKS, contributes to HOW our HEART FEELS which influences as HOW we TREAT our BODY. 

This is when Healthy mind+Healthy Heart= Happy Body  was born.

For over 8 years, I have been presenting Healthy Mind + Healthy Heart = Happy Body workshops during conferences, seminars and for number of staff professional development sessions.

Total Body Nourishment: Healthy Mind+Healthy Heart= Happy Body  is created to show and share with you as how you can implement this concept to be healthy from inside out.  My goal is to equip you with practical knowledge, information and support as how to sync  your Mind, Heart and Body  to enjoy a quailty, happy and healthy lifestyle starting now  and for the rest of your life.

Total Body Nourishment - Healthy Mind+Healthy Heart = Happy Body is dedicated to my ancestors who have created and established a platform for me as how to live a simple, happy and content life.

Roushini's  Qualifications and Experiences.

  • Founder/Creator/Presenter of  Total Body Nourishment: Healthy Mind+ Healthy Heart=Happy Body
  • Fitness Instructor &  Personal Trainer.
  •  Qualified Fitbox instructor, PoundFit Instructor  & Laughter Yoga trainer.
  •  Vegetarian & Vegan Food Coach.
  • Lifestyle coach & Family counselor
  •  Masseuse.
  • Event Organiser & MC
  •  Founder/Creator/Presenter of Power For Kids: Healthy Mind+ Healthy Heart=Happy Body   https://power4kids.com
  • Founder/Creator/Presenter of  Roushini's Fun India: Cultural learning Made Fun for children.   https://roushini.com
  • Creator of PicSee Balls: Learning through Fun & Play - Educational resources for children. https://picseeballs.com
  • Over 16 years experience presenting  interactive workshops for Teachers & Educators, Corporate Organisations, Annual Health Conferences & Expos.
  • Over 25 years working with children, Teens,  Adults & Seniors.