12 Weeks Total Body Nourishment  Lifestyle Transformation

Total Body Nourishment Food - Stop Dieting  Start Eating

You will join  step by step cooking classes tailor-made for your needs.
You will cook weekly meals -  breakfast, lunch, dinner and  snacks  
You will learn how to portion package it – all ready to eat.

Total Body Nourishment Move - In Ways That  Is Pleasing & Fun  For You 

You will want to be physically active in ways that will be fun for you. 
Those of you who may need extra  encouragement and motivation,  you will be refered to a personal trainer.  

Total Body Nourishment Balance - Your Time To Shine Is Now

You will feel excited about your current job or even take steps to find a new one. 
You want to enjoy more living.  it is time to create work-life balance. 
This session will guide you as how to start enjoying your hobbies and interests Now...Not one day.

Total Body Nourishment Relax - Mini Holidays Every Day

As you start becoming healthier, happier and  content, you will naturally be more relaxed. 
This session will guide you with simple techniques as how to give yourself a mini holiday everyday.

Pre- 12 Weeks Total Body Nourishment Lifestyle Transformation 

 WIN  A Trip To Fiji

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